Things are getting out of hand

It has been a busy few weeks around here. My design business ( has been strangely busy for this time of year.  Usually I’m cleaning out files and organizing for the Fall rush.  This year I have had steady work that looks like it will carry thru July.  Yeah!!

Now, add to the strange pile of work, my ongoing artwork for my Etsy store  and now a new venture with my son, Arden, you have a big mess in a small space.


Arden and I are opening a new Etsy store combining both of our art on t-shirts. By the time you read this we should have the store open and have a few shirts for sale.  Below is a sample of Arden’s work.  He is a crazy surfer and he has always had a unique artistic style.  He and I also work well together so I thought this might be a good little business to start.  He can also help run it even when he is at college (at the beach of course).  Check on us occasionally and see how we are coming along with it.


Anyway, back to my point of things getting messy.  Do you know any creative people who are neat?  Personally I  don’t and I’m not.  Neither is Arden.  Right now I have work piled up on every available spot in my small townhouse.  I don’t want to spend the money to rent space because in August Arden will be back at school and I will get my office back (one side of his room) and MAYBE some of my other tables too.  In the meantime I guess we will just live with the mess.  It’s hard to find room for a bunch of t-shirts to dry around here though.  We already have a custom order of 30-40 shirts that have to be done by August 1st.  I will have to post pictures of that upcoming craziness!

If you have any advice on how to organize creativity in action, please let me know!

Have a wonderful day.



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