A little about me

etsy-owner-portraitHi! Thanks for visiting. This is part of my playground and I want you to have fun. Sort of like a kid who yells “watch this” when they try something new, this is where I show you what I’ve been playing with, sometimes with unexpected results!

My Mom has said I was born with a pencil in my hand.  It must be true, because even after years of art instruction in every possible media, I  always I return to my pencils.

colored pencils

I like so many different things and am often easily distracted by something new that has caught my curiosity.  Expect just about anything.  My hope is you will find a few things that makes you appreciate the details of every day bits and pieces.  Not the perfect, but the worn, original or fleeting things that are often missed in our busy, technological lives. Maybe something will inspire you to go play in the mud or finger paint!

Recently I told my son that now that he and his sister are grown, I get to be a kid again. They have already started asking when I will be home and telling me to be careful. I must be doing something right. Let’s see what I can get into next.










Christel Williams ©2013

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