A little about me

etsy-owner-portraitHello! Thanks for visiting. This is where I share my artwork and the life crazy that contributes to it. I live in North Carolina, USA, out in the country, with my husband and niece, where we feed several four legged free loaders. Included in our world are seven more grown kids and currently, eleven grandkids. Yes, that info alone contributes to plenty of crazy.

My Mom has said I was born with a pencil in my hand.  It must be true, because even after years of art instruction in every possible media, I always return to my pencils when I need to focus.  I am beginning to use oils these days, but acrylic paint figures into my tool box.

colored pencilsExpect just about anything.  My hope is you will find a few things that makes you appreciate the details of every day bits and pieces.  Not the perfect, but the worn, original or fleeting things that are often missed in our busy, technological lives.

My subjects are in my immediate surroundings.  The animals that make me laugh everyday, the old buildings or cars, the occasional landscape or portrait.

Enjoy your visit and drop by anytime.


Christel Williams ©2013


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