Hi Everyone!

I am writing in the early morning hours just as the sun is coming up and right after I read an article about a hate filled meeting held in a town that is dear to my heart.  What makes humans fear differences in others so accutely? Our alikeness is much more prevalent. 

Our lack of winter this year in North Carolina has brought on the beginnings of early Spring. While I love the warm weather and the blooms beginning to open, I know from experience that this could be a disaster rather than a blessing. We have notiously fickle and often severe March weather. What is blooming now could be frozen in a couple of weeks wreaking havoc with our crops and flowers. 

It’s funny how putting yourself in a new location changes your perception. I grew up in the country surrounded by nature but often took it for granted as a child. As I moved to more and more suburban/urban areas I took less notice of the ways of nature. Yes, I noticed the seasons change and knew not to plant my tomatoes until after the last frost date, but nature’s effect on my day to day life was limited by the conveniences of stores and the prevelance of cement over grass and crops.  Only when the big events of tornados, extreme temperatures and days of sloughing through rain hit did I really take notice.

Yesterday I noticed how nine months of rural living has heightened my awareness of nature. A couple of years ago we started planting our garden here according to the moon phases. We can discuss that in another post, but we noticed a significant improvement in our yields. This past year there was an unusual amount of rain in July than slid into a bad drought by September. By October you could FEEL the distress of the plants and even the creatures as I noticed with the demise of my bees.

A couple of weeks ago we brought chickens here to live with us. It is a stupid farmer that does not take the life of his livestock in the highest regard. I find myself watching over our chickens with the same angst as I did my kids and my bees. We have a resident hawk couple right behind our garden. I enjoy having them there and know they help keep the rodent population in check, but now I notice their every move when our chickens are free ranging. Too close of a hawk scream has me herding chickens back to the protection of their run and coop. In an amazingly short amount of time what I paid no attention to in the past now gets my attention in an instant. 

As I prepare to get more bees I realize that my time with them last year has ingrained in me the subtle weather changes and plant stages. I notice how hard or softly the wind blows, the barely noticeable difference between 45 degrees and 50 degrees both of which effect the activity of bees.  I notice the first barely visible blooms on the trees to judge when bees will have food available again. 

I have also noticed the calming effect nature has on me compared to the rushing around I did in town. I sit and observe. I don’t want to kill a hawk or a black snake just because it is a predator of my chickens, but I do stay watchful. I appreciate that they have a role in this amazing cycle of nature.  

Everything in nature has a purpose on this minuscule marble floating around inside of a vast universe. People are part of the cycle and have purpose. I wish there was less jumping to conclusions about what someone might think or do and more calm observation and knowledge gathering before humans decided to hate or harm each other.  

*Next week I should be back to posting artwork and such.  I needed to write out the disappointment I was experiencing.

A Questioning of Purpose

My retreat from the world.
My retreat from the world.

I have been on an unintentional self-imposed break from my blogging in the past few weeks. My usual excuse is that I just got too busy with work and life.  This time was different.  This time my break came from world event overload.  On more than one occasion I have been described as “overly sensitive”.  At this point in my life I guess I should agree, but I don’t think that my reaction to horrific brutality should be considered “overly sensitive”.

What the soul sickening events have produced is a questioning of purpose. With all the millions of blogs out in the world and all the much smarter people doing much more to counter act the evil, disease and injustice with their words, does my time spent on this keyboard amount to anything more than a waste of my time?  To my readers, I apologize if I have wasted your time.

In my lifetime of considering myself an artist, I have often questioned the substance of what I do. Am I just making pretty things?  Does my work say anything of importance?  Am I just contributing to the materialism that eats away at our environment and financial security?  Ok, so I am also an over thinker, but maybe something that takes up a huge portion of your limited lifespan and thought needs to be examined occasionally.  If you also read my design & print blog at you will see a similar post.  When I rethink one thing it leads to all the rest.

What I hope to accomplish with my artwork is to give you a sense of peace and gratitude. I am drawn to the little details around us that we often take for granted.  It is doubtful you will find expansive landscapes here though it could happen.  I appreciate the rusted and worn for the value it has given.  I can’t bring myself to make something disturbing in the name of “art”, though that also could happen if my soul is disturbed enough that it cannot be contained.

As one tiny entity on this planet, I recognize that most world problems are infinitely complicated and I do not have the knowledge to accurately spout my opinions. Most of my opinions are gut reactions to what I hear through often slanted media and the limitations of my own culture.  To the best of my abilities I will keep my opinions to myself.

I will not keep my time, talents and money to myself.   As much as possible I will use them to improve life on this planet if only in my tiny corner of the world.  I doubt I can do anything to stop the horrible things humans do to each other, the creatures that live with us or the planet we live on, but maybe I can, in some small way, improve the life of another human or animal and clean up a patch of earth.

I will not plaster words on this site just to have content. In the past I have tried to follow a schedule of posting that eventually results in a rush to put something on my blogs that has very little substance.  From now on I will take my time and do my best to put words worth reading on here.  There will not be a set schedule.  Life is too short to read or write meaningless words.

If you have made it to this point in this blog, thank you for your patience. I would love to hear from you if you also struggle with everything we are bombarded with and how you deal with it in your life and work.

Wishing for you, blessings and peace.