It’s a little bland

Hi Everyone!

A day late and a dollar short over here, but that’s life sometimes. The current state of affairs has me bundled up on the sofa sipping tiny quantities of coffee and nibbling on a bland rice cake. Since I am very rarely sick and I am now in my second round of sickliness this winter, I am assuming that my body still hasn’t completely recovered from the stress of 2017.  My one and only real goal is to get this post done today. Anything else will be gravy. Thank goodness it is D.’s day off because I’m not sure I could drag myself out to look after the animals today.

Our week has been somewhat bland this week too and I don’t have much to share but it’s way too easy to fall out of a habit and next thing you know I will only be writing here once a month. Just think about how much crazy you will miss out on if I did that! 

D. and I had dinner with friends Sunday evening that made for an enjoyable start to the week. Sharon, glad you and Alan could meet us. We had a great time!

Monday, snow, again. Ours was minimal to what much of the country is dealing with but it was enough to call school off and Miss L. to lose one of her Spring break days. 

Yesterday I went with my Mom to her post op checkup and was already feeling yucky. By the time I got home I knew that I would not be going to the monthly beekeepers meeting and crawled into bed. It was all downhill from there. Right now I have the energy level of a wet dishrag. My two mutts get very concerned when I am not up and going at my usual speed. This is Kato keeping watch over me last night until he couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer.  This morning they kept taking turns checking on me when I wasn’t out of bed at my usual early hour and would snuggle up closer than normal to me while I was trying to catch up on some sleep. Dogs are just the best!

My apologies for not having better to offer this week. I do hope to work on some drawings today if I can stay upright long enough.  Today’s post is like doing anything that is important to you that you want to improve at. Some days you have to show up, put in the time even though you know it’s not so good and persevere until things get better.  Sort of like the sock I have been knitting. I wanted to learn a new heel type. I pulled out that heel four times until I got it right. Not fun. Not fun at all but it got done. 

I hope you have a healthy week and bless you if you read this to the end! I hope for much better next week!



Anyone who uses their creative streak (we all have one, but some use it more than others) know the frustration of the process and how often it makes you want to bang your head against the wall to get something you need out of it.

Every single piece of artwork I do, whether it’s a drawing, painting or design, has a phase of frustration.  I’m stuck and don’t know what needs to be done next. I wrote about my sunflower painting here and this is where I got stuck…for months.


I have learned a few things over the years.  One being that if something is in plain view it will eventually aggravate me until I clean it, pay it or fix it.  So I left this on the easel right where I had to look at it every single day.

A couple of weeks ago I had a rare free Saturday and the beginnings of a new list of projects that will require my easel back so I forced myself to put paint on canvas again.  It was still aggravating and to begin with I was hating it, but kept working on one small section at a time until I got it where I wanted it.

Ta-Dah!! Done!



Of course, like any artist, writer, crafts person, etc. I can tell you every single flaw I see in it, but hopefully you don’t notice it or think it’s a flaw.  I just eventually have to call it “done” and “satisfactory” or I will wind up in a special jacket.

It is cheerful, bright and absolutely does not go in the room that I started it for. Oh, well, art takes on a life of its own.