Update on notecard sales

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. After our Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, sister and brother-in-law, the kids and I kicked off our Christmas season with a viewing of Christmas Vacation. The holiday craziness doesn’t seem too bad after watching what the Grizwald family went through!

A Candle for Nicholas - Fundraiser
A Candle for Nicholas – Fundraiser

The “A Candle for Nicholas” notecards are on sale at Kernersville Elementary School, Smiles By Design, Dr. Bruce Burns, DDS and in the past week, Upscale Living Consignment (on Kernersville Road across from Triad Salvage) as well as Center City Frame Gallery at the Studios at 625 (625 N. Trade Street, Winston-Salem).

Personally I have picked up and deposited to Nicholas’ account $442 from the sales and donations. Other folks have packages of the cards as well and are making deposits with their fundraising work. I can tell it’s going to be difficult to keep up with exactly amounts, but I know that I ordered 1000 cards. When all those are gone (and I hope I have to order more) it will be at least $1200 plus any donations made in the process.

Thanks to all those who have purchased them and please pass the information along. This is going to be an ongoing need for the family as they work through Nicholas’ recovery.


A Candle for Nicholas

A Candle for Nicholas - Fundraiser
A Candle for Nicholas – Fundraiser


Yes, if you go to my Home Page here you will see much of this same information.  I just don’t want it to get missed.  Below is what is on the back of the note cards I am selling as a fundraiser for Nicholas and his family.

Proceeds from the sale of this card will go to Nicholas Thornton and his family.  Nicholas has a rare blood disease known as Aplastic anemia and has undergone a bone marrow transplant.  His parents, Jon and Nancy, are both dedicated middle school teachers who have taught, tutored and mentored my children.  This is my small way of helping them in return. 

 For more information on Nicholas you can go to

Prayers for Nicholas Thornton on Facebook. 

 I am selling the 10 card package for $12.00 (plus shipping if I need to mail them to you).  Please email me at bloomtownstudio@gmail.com to order for now.  More details to come and I will be posting donation amounts on this site.