Current state of affairs

Hi Everyone,

It is 3:30 am and that should tell you something right there. I’m here laying in bed tapping away on my iPad with a dog draped across me. The hubby is in the living room trying to find a movie on Netflix.  Life is currently out of whack. Seriously out of whack. 

He has had a full blown case of the flu since Saturday evening. All weekend plans got skewed. Things haven’t been right really since the time change. Our schedules have been thrown off, I have had ongoing insomnia and our to do list is bearing down on us. 

My 100 day project is in jeopardy. I did ok during the week for the most part, but the weekend not so much. I may have to modify it some more and skip the weekends. There are too many things going on at the moment.  I may have to try this again in the winter when there are not so many farm demands. 

I am going to try and get back on schedule here this week. I cannot figure out why we seem to be having so much trouble with the time change this year. Personally, I wish they would stop with the whole daylight savings thing. It seems unnecessary and throws off human and animal schedules. 

I apologize for this crazy post but it is where we are at the moment.  Just in case you might be suffering from a shift in your universe, know that you are not alone. 

Hopefully by Thursday things will have stabilized.  

Wishing you a steady week! 


A beautiful sleep

clouds unsplash

Happy Friday!  Today is confession day.  Why? I’m feeling a little guilty and need to get it off my chest and let it go.

So what have I done? It’s more what I haven’t done.  For the past couple of months I have just barely been getting these posts done.  I enjoy writing these and for a while was putting in the time and effort to squeeze some substance into them and work on my writing skills.  Lately though, life has been getting in the way and I haven’t been giving you much worth reading I’m afraid.

I could take an extended break, but I have done that in the past and lose people completely along with my self-discipline. So, I ask you to bear with me for a couple more months.  I will keep coming to the computer with my stressed out foggy brain and write so that when the fog clears I’m ready.  I do occasionally have a good idea that will not get justice right now, so I am keeping a list for future reference.

I am heading to the farm this morning to start on room #2. Check out room #1. Yes, we have baseboards to add yet, but the floor is finished in here! Hopefully the process will move finished flooralong a little faster now that we know what we are doing and we have the right equipment.  I’m running out of time!

Tomorrow, my soon to be Bonus Daughter has a horse show so there will be no home improvement going on. I am hoping to do some sketching while I am there.  I haven’t held a drawing pencil or paint brush in weeks and I get cranky when I go too long without some artsy time.

All the running around, physical work I’m not used to, stress and planning has been taking a toll on my health as well as my brain.  In the past couple of weeks I noticed I was walking around exhausted all the time. D. also noticed and suggested I find some vitamins soon.  So I took a little time to evaluate what was going on.  For almost 20 years I have been vegetarian.  Vegetarians often do not get enough B vitamins because they are found mainly in meat.  I have been low before and should have realized what was happening.

I also have not been sleeping well.  As long as I can remember I have had bouts of insomnia.  It’s miserable.  There has never been a rhyme or reason for my insomnia. Occasionally I know it’s stress related, but often life is fine and I still cannot sleep.

Sooooo, on Monday, I found myself some vitamins with a good dose of B’s. I got the gummy kind.  I literally gag trying to take the pill form and even though the gummy ones are full of sugar, a vitamin that doesn’t go in your body doesn’t do any good at all!  Then I cut out what little dairy I eat, and for my evening snack substituted a blueberry/avocado/chia seed/ginger/honey/almond milk smoothie one night and last night made myself some Golden Milk (recipe below).

This morning I woke up from the BEST sleep I have had in ages!!  I feel like a new person.  I had noticed yesterday that I still had energy after 2:00 in the afternoon and got most of my house back in order.  Today my head feels clear and I need to finish this up so I can go slap down some tile!

Golden Milk (Variations can be found on Pinterest of course. I sort of guesstimate with what I have on hand)

2 cups of coconut milk or almond milk

1 tsp – 1 tb of coconut oil

1 tsp – 1.5 tsp of turmeric

1 tsp – cinnamon

1 tsp – nutmeg

1″ piece of fresh ginger or 1/2 tsp ginger powder

1 tsp – raw honey

sprinkle of black powder – this allows your body to absorb more of the turmeric.

Blend (I use the powder at the moment and just mix it all in a sauce pan) then warm over medium heat and drink.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


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