A bad winter attitude

Where does a week go?  I need for them to slow down a little.  What the heck am I saying? I am in the middle of a major winter blues episode.  No one around me wants time to slow down.  I am cranky, depressed, edgy and any number of other bad adjectives.  This happens every February and lingers until there is sufficient sunlight and warmth.  I NEED FLOWERS!  I NEED SPRING!!!

I will try to get through this post without unleashing any of the bad winter blues on you.  Just be thankful you don’t live with me.

Here is the project I was working on this month.  They decided to reveal the shows this week so I can show the illustrations now in all their glory.  I work for a community theatre and do the show logos for them.  These are for the upcoming 2016-2017 Season.

MASH was fairly cut and dry.  It was somewhat boring until I added the texture.MASH logo low res

Route 66 was my challenge.  They wanted a 50’s feel with neon or a jukebox, but it still needed the sign incorporated and had to be readable.  I had to go look for a tutorial to learn how to make neon in Photoshop.  Who knows if I will  ever need that skill again, but I pulled it off once! This has been the favorite of the four.  Guess the time involved paid off.Route 66 logo low res

Tarzan was the most fun.  I haven’t played with watercolor paints in a long time.  I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I should spend more time with the watercolor paints I think. Tarzan low res

And last, but not least was the Velveteen Rabbit.  A watercolor illustration was requested for this.  Originally I just had the rabbit, but they wanted the boy included.  I will admit that I get intimidated painting people in watercolor.  Well, any paint for that matter.  I am much more comfortable drawing people than painting them.Velveteen Rabbit low res

So those are my most recent projects.  They have been time consuming to say the least and have taken up most of my creative time this month.

As March rolls in I’m afraid my most creative project is going to be tiling floors.  We just ordered 500 square feet of tile last night.  D.H.  is trying to finish the barn and since I am the detail person (and am not capable of lifting rafters on a roof) I will soon be up to my eyeballs in mortar, tile and grout.

As I promised last week, I am starting a little environmental project to add to the end of each weekly post.  I need a name for this.  Any suggestions?  For now, here is a link to a blog post I found interesting this week.  I have been recycling for almost 20 years now, but this made me more aware of little things we overlook.  I am giving up plastic straws at restaurants now and am paying extra for paper plates over styrofoam plates for out wedding reception.

“Why I Don’t Recommend Recycling Plastic”

I am going to go buy myself some flowers and margarita mix at the store today and combat these winter demons.  I hope you can find some sunshine and have a wonderful week!


While I’m gone

You are reading this while I am somewhere in the hills of Kentucky. This is my annual “vacation” week. I haven’t had a traditional, rest-by-the-beach vacation in almost 10 years. I keep thinking I need to do that soon.

Anyway, each year I go with our high school youth group from church and repair homes with the Appalachia Service Project (asphome.org). We give up hot showers (usually), sleep in gym floors on air mattresses, work in hot or rain and live out of duffle bags. It’s a love it or hate it sort of thing. Those of us who love it just keep doing it. Maybe I will try and explain why I love it when I get back. It’s hard to explain because there are layers and layers of reasons. The layers switch in importance from year to year also. What I loved one year will be something different the next.

This year will be different because my newly married daughter will not be going. She was on my team the first year I went and we are going to the same place we were at that year. The family we helped then still holds a special place in our hearts and I wish they could see my daughter four years later as much as I wish she could see them.

I have to go finish packing and wrapping up all my work for the week. I will try to post some photos from Kentucky. Until I’m back I will leave you with a picture of my faithful assistant doing what he does best.
Have a wonderful week!

My wireless shredder!
My wireless shredder!