We now interrupt this art for…

Knowing that I will still be exhausted from vacation (when you see my vacation photos in my next post you will know why) I thought I would go ahead and schedule one more ahead of time to give myself a recovery week.

Spring is my favorite season because I have survived another winter, but Summer is my second favorite because of….

bb and beanscukes garden squash

Summertime is a constant juggling of work, art, gardening, canning, EATING, travel, cooking, EATING, etc.  The garden is hot, dirty, back breaking work every year and somewhere in the middle of it I wonder why I do it.  Then on one of these mornings,

morning when it’s not too hot yet and all I can hear is a rooster crowing or a dog barking and the birds singing I remember.  It’s peaceful in the garden.  You can’t rush tying up the tomato vines or picking the beans because you will damage the plants.  The dirt smells good and so do the vegetables. Nothing, NOTHING, tastes as good as a ripe tomato you just picked and eat warm right beside the vine it came off of. No bread or mayo necessary.

Then again in the middle of February, when I am just sure that Spring will never arrive, I can make a blackberry cobbler, remember that hot afternoon picking the blackberries and taste Summer again.