The Queen of…


Recently a friend of mine was gifted with a beach towel that awarded her the title of “Queen of Everything”.  I want one of those.  Why do I want to be Queen of Everything?  Because I have decided that my current title is “Queen of Unfinished Business”.  Not nearly as regal as being Queen of Everything.

Not only do I seem to have an unending list of projects that are partially complete, I have unearthed a stack of artwork that seems to be 80% finished.  I would try to blame this state on my kids and the toddler years, but one of the pieces (shown above) was done in 1991. That was two years before my first born made her entrance into the world.

I really don’t know what my excuse was back then.  I suspect that it was impatience.  Most of my artwork is in pencil and pretty darn detailed. Maybe it was the fact that as a designer I was always on a deadline and felt time breathing down my neck.  I was sooooo close to being finished, but stopped just short of really making the art stand out.

The perspective of a few more years of age has allowed me the pleasure of slowing down and I am in the process of finishing these pieces.  I am still a designer and still work on deadlines, but I have learned that rushing through something might get it done, but not to the point where it is at its best.  Now I can enjoy the process of getting to the vision in my head.  Of course it never looks like what is in my head, but that is for another post on another day.

What I did in November

Now that the holidays are over and the cards have gone out, I wanted to show you what I did in November.
Town Christmas

This was the artwork for the Town of Kernersville Christmas card this year.  Thank you TOK!!!

Those of you from around here will recognize the entrance to the town on Main Street and Cherry Street.  This was a challenge for several reasons.  First, it was a fairly short deadline.  I think it was less than three weeks including a sketch for approval. The horse and carriage are white metal that have white lights around the edges at night.  All these years of drawing and painting and this was the first night scene I’ve done.  I didn’t want it to be just a black background either so I had to work on some color that would still make sense.

When I went out after dark to photograph the entrance for reference I discovered something else.  The Kernersville sign is NOT illuminated at night!  Heck, I always thought it was!  I also had to do some “landscaping” to raise the sign above the horse and carriage.  I put that “Creative License” they gave me in college to use.  This was a fun assignment and I appreciate the opportunity to do it.  Yes, Town of Kernersville, I would love to do another one if you would like me to.

As a side note: I have written and scheduled this post ahead of time since I am probably recovering from some dental work today.  This has absolutely nothing to do with art, just a shameless plug for sympathy 😉