Hello. Is anyone still out there? I can’t blame you if you aren’t after my extended hiatus. So, I will begin again and hope you find me again.

For anyone new who stumbles upon this page let me introduce myself and give you a quick background update. My name is Christel Huttar. This is a blog primarily about my art, but very often life wanders in and random thoughts happen. I used to be very dedicated to writing here and mostly posted every week but at the beginning of 2019 life happened. Lots of life happened quickly. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I lost a close friend, we decided to sell our home (a small farm) and move back to where we grew up to help out with Dad, we sold the place in a week, we had to move sooner than expected to a rental, we moved again to our new home, my Dad died, I lost another close friend, COVID invaded and I lost a dear fuzzy, four legged family member. Extreme Reader’s Digest version of the past 24 months.

Basically I have spent my time working through a good bit of grief by making a new home and all that comes with living in an older house. Lots of painting walls instead of canvas and planting in new dirt and getting several equine, canines, feline and chickens adjusted as well.

The cast of characters here includes (this is sometimes a fluid list!): DH (Dear Husband), DN (Dear Niece), Odie & Dinah the canines, Sweetie Pie the feline, KC, Christy, Asher, Cinder the horses, Spark Plug the donkey, DS (Dear Son) and his girlfriend DGF, DD (Dear Daughter) and her husband DSIL. There are also five more grown kids and now a total of nine grandkids!! We also have a few chickens and about 30,000 honeybees. I generally do not use names to protect the innocent or not so innocent, but explain as best I can when any of the characters are involved. My Mom lives across the road from us as well as my sister and BIL.

Even though we are finishing out 2020 in all it’s infamy and heading into Lord only knows what in 2021, I’m feeling more solid and optimistic. I’ve missed hanging out here and creative juicies are flowing again. I have plans. I have an attic studio under construction! I hope you will come back to see what crazy we have stirred up and what I have been making.

Stay safe out there and let’s all shine some love and positive energy into 2021 and leave the dark of 2020.


Photo by kazuend on Unsplash


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