Sudden impact

I had been looking forward to this week.  My son was coming home from school for Spring Break and bringing his girlfriend for the first time to meet his crazy family.  We had plans.

They rolled in late Friday night and Saturday morning was spent showing his girlfriend around town, visiting friends.  Saturday evening we were fixing dinner and getting ready to go to a play. It was a relaxed evening, full of laughter.  Then my son’s phone rang.  Everything stopped. All plans changed.  My ex-husband’s father had been killed in a car accident.

It hits you like the huge waves my son loves to surf.  When it’s good you ride it high with a big grin and exhilaration.  When it’s bad you suddenly have no air to breath and you don’t know which way is up.  The bad wave took us this week.


Slowly you float up out of the pounding, swirling surf and reach the surface for the first gulp of salty air.  You are no longer where you were. The wave forced you downstream. The view is different.  You are exhausted and struggle to make your way out of the water and sand sucking at your legs. There is the long slow walk back to your tiny portion of beach as you take one breath at a time and realize that wave changed your life.

As I write this we are preparing for the funeral. I would like to ask for your prayers for Lib (Ray’s widow), Phil, Kenneth, Cyndi (his children), my son, daughter and the other grandchildren as they grieve, remember and move forward.


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