We are expecting our first big winter storm to start tomorrow.  The grocery stores are almost cleaned out of bread and milk already.  No, we don’t get piles and piles of snow here, but we do get ice and some snow.  Ice is much worse to try and function in plus there are always power outages.  We look crazy to our Northern friends, but if you have ever had to spend a few days or even a week or more without power you will understand.

This week has been a little difficult.  It has been one of those weeks when things don’t go as planned and some situations need to be re-evaluated for the future.  A week full of frustration to be honest.  I happened to see this video on Facebook of Steve Harvey talking to his audience about taking a chance and jumping.

Normally I would view this video as a motivational speech, but for someone who has “jumped” several times in her career and personal life it was more a reminder to me that jumping can be painful at times.  A reminder that just because you got up the courage to jump doesn’t mean that the outcome will all be soft breezes and sunshine floating in your parachute.  Sometimes the parachute doesn’t open or you have to fly through a few storms.

Several times I have been asked  by people about how to start a business or if I thought they should. First, I find this interesting since I am not what you would call a role model for financial success.  I live very simply and accepted long ago that I did not pick a lucrative career.  It’s fun, but not necessarily a great money maker.  Second, I don’t tell these people what they want to hear.  I am all for doing what you want to do in life.  If working in a cubical is a soul sucking existence then find something else. Life is too short.  BUT, jumping is scary because it involves some high risks.  Don’t jump until you have looked at the ground with binoculars.  Know what is below you to the best of your ability.  There will still be things you don’t see coming, but learn what you can and take off the rose colored glasses.

I’m sounding like Debbie Downer today, but one of my saving graces in life has been my ability to see reality.  No fairy tales for me.  Jumping is exhilarating when you finally take that leap.  It is heart stopping.  It is breath taking.  It is also heart breaking, painful and to be horribly honest there can be a fatally hard and sudden stop.  Jump, but jump with a well prepared parachute, milk and bread.

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