Almost finished

I’m so close to being finished with several projects but keep getting delayed.  Very, very frustrating.

The kids have moved out and I have cleaned and reorganized their rooms.  My work desk/table is more or less finished, but I have a few boxes and items that need to be donated before I can say my new work area is completed.

I have a cabinet that is partially refinished as well as several pieces of furniture that need touch up paint to cover the dings and bangs from moving them out of the storage unit.

The linen closet has finally been reorganized!  Things were starting to avalanche down on me every time I opened the door.

AND my drawing is sooooo very, very close to being finished but I can’t get to it.  Work is piled up and since I have to eat that comes first.  My poor brain is also working on several other ideas.  I need some sketchpad time to get the details down before I lose them.

Be back as soon as I can!


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