Where are we going?

How are things going at your business these days? Is your job secure or is it gone already? Is the marketing you’ve been doing for years still working for you?

I have been in the printing industry for over 20 years now. On the news the other day I heard that it is now much more cost effective to send a Kindle (if you don’t know what that is, look it up. Online, not in the dictionary) loaded with 10,000 books overseas than to actually send 10,000 books overseas. The days of actually holding a real book in your hand are disappearing. Ink on paper is disappearing. What do you do when your industry is disappearing or shrinking dramatically?

Most of you reading this are in my generation. We still like paper and ink. Now, I haven’t actually tried to read a book on a Kindle so I can’t say that I dislike the experience, but I do know that I love books. When I’ve tried to read a book on my desktop computer I found it uncomfortable and eyestraining.

So, do I continue to work in the same way I always have and wait until there is no more work available? The conversations I have had recently with my peers have us all competing for the position of Walmart Greeter in a few years. I have been listening and watching my two teenagers. Yes, that’s part of my job as a parent, but I have noticed that they are watching more TV on the computer, keeping up with friends on Facebook and texting, doing all their homework research online as well as often turning in their assignments online. They do not have the attachment to ink and paper that I do, so I decided to do what I always do when I want information. I headed to the library (I love those too) and got some BOOKS!

I just finished reading “Six Pixels Of Separation” by Mitch Joel. If you are willing to be open to new ways of reaching and connecting to potential new customers, I highly recommend you read this. It is written in conversational language, not IT talk. It makes you think about where things are headed. Our kids are not becoming socially inept. The opposite is happening. They are able to reach people a world away and grow the relationships. They do it differently than we do, but remember when our parents didn’t like (understand) our generation? Do you really want to admit that you have become your parents?

Here is your first lesson on connecting online. Below is a place for comments. Please contribute your thoughts. I would love to hear them and I suspect so would others. An economist I heard speak yesterday doesn’t hold out much optimisim for the economy to turn around in the next two years. We need to help each other not only stay afloat, but to grow and thrive.

Have a great week,


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