Save your files, money and hair.

This week I would like to share some information to save you money and hair. Printing companies don’t really want you to know this, but I keep hearing enough complaints that I think it’s time you start doing this if you are not already.

Any files that are used to have printing, advertising, t-shirts, etc. done, YOU need to keep a copy of! Vector files of the company logo are especially important. Yes, I understand that most of you cannot open those files on your computer. Don’t worry about it. Just do it!

Printing companies are closing left and right these days. Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself without any files to take to a new printer and then incur more art charges to recreate them. When you get a final proof of a new business card, brochure, or even labels please, please save that proof to a file called “Art Files”. That is all you have to do. Those of us in the printing business can take your file and use it even if it needs corrections. A small correction is much less expensive than totally recreating a brochure.

Now, here is the tricky part. If you have files with your printer that you do not have a copy of then go request a CD of all your files. You have already paid for this artwork. The only thing it should cost you is the price of the CD to be burned. That should not be more than $10. Printers don’t want to part with your precious files because it would be very easy for you to switch to a competitor. For that reason, I have heard horror stories over the years. One company was charged several THOUSAND dollars to get their film (ok, we don’t use film anymore, so it’s been awhile). They had already paid for all this. TOTAL rip off. I have heard of printers who will give the files back to the customer but with photos or fonts missing. That creates a major headache for the next printer and once again incurs more cost on your part. When you get your file take the time to have someone (designer or printer) check that everything is there that you need.

Now, backup everything on the computer before you put the CD into a file and forget where it is when the boss wants embroidered shirts for the golf tournament. That would be those vector files again.

I will be shunned at the next printing convention for exposing this to you, but my loyalty lies with my customers. Save your art and you will thank me one day as well as avoid pulling your hair out in frustration.

Have a great week,


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